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3 Positive Ways Social Media Can Help People With Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety is a real condition that affects millions of people. The fear of engaging socially can also have real mental — stress and loneliness — and even physical effects. While some people who have social anxiety use social media to stay social, but avoid social encounters, some experts suggest there are ways to use social media to help manage the condition, or, at the very least, minimize the effects the condition can have on their mental and physical health.

Use It To Make Connections

Social media is good for making connections, according to Very Well Mind, especially when people have more severe forms of Social Anxiety Disorder(SAD).

“These sites may make it easier for some with social anxiety disorder to become involved in connecting with others, when transportation, isolation, or fear of leaving the house is an issue.”

For some, though, the problem is making those connections may be so easy (relatively) online that people with SAD never move beyond the computer. These online relationships might not be deep enough or fulfilling enough, either.

“These sites may make it easier for some with social anxiety disorder to become involved in connecting with others, when transportation, isolation, or fear of leaving the house is an issue.”

According to Very Well Mind: “Friendships built mostly on social platforms may be weaker than those that have had a chance to develop in real life and lead to less actual bonding.”

Using social media to find friends — and then gradually push the comfort zone into physical interactions may be a good strategy for some.

Use It To Screen Those Connections

For people who have social anxiety disorders the Hollywood accidental friendly run-ins and “meet cute” moments are rare. It’s better to screen first and make sure you already have things in common with the people you meet.

According to an articleon HelloGiggles: “All around us, people seem to just meet by happenstance, realize they have a lot in common, and become fast friends — just like that! But for people with social anxiety, finding someone in whom we can place our trust can be a lot more complicated — like being asked to dance with two left feet.”

Use It to Arrange Interactions on Their Own Terms

Another place social media can help people with SAD is by giving them opportunities to meet people in places they are comfortable and at times of their choosing. Being in a comfortable place can give a person suffering from SAD a home fieldadvantage, as it were. And, when a person feels good about the place, that may lead to an easing of some of the anxiety symptoms. Many people with SAD explain that the anxiety feels like an oncoming trainwreck. It starts out with a simple frustration or issue — and then cascades into more frustration and increasing worry and anxiety. This ability to feel in control and feel at home in one’s surroundings may, then, keep the emotional train moving down the line in a more manageable way.

While most social media sites try to get people to stay in their online sphere, PeepX has a different approach. By highlighting people, places, and events around you, it’s designed to help you explore and enhance your world — and your world of relationships — on your own terms, not on some algorithm’s dictates. For people with SAD, the advantage is they can explore their world in a safe space and grow that comfort zone into the real world, rather than stay locked in the somewhat limited — and, sometimes, debilitating — online environment.

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