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8 Types of People you encounter at a Meetup

Let’s face it, Meetups are very odd events. You don’t know what type of person you might meet. Here, we’ll go over the 8 types of people that are bound to be at your next meetup, whether you’re a newbie or a vetern.

The Out of Town Newbie

We’ve all been this person at one point in our life. Whether visiting a new city or country, we don’t want to feel alone. “Why don’t you try out meetup” is what the internet says we should do when we move to somewhere new. For the most part, meetups work!This person is quite similar to the Average Joe except they’re clueless about the new city they’re in.

The Neck Beard

This is the person you picture trolling reddit and your middle school video game chat. They probably haven’t shaved or showered in a few weeks. They’re either lurking in the corner, or making crude jokes in a group. Thankfully, they’re nice when you get to know them.

The Organizer

This is the person that sets things in motion. If you don’t have anyone to talk to , this is your go to person. They’re usually friendly and can introduce you to all the regulars there.

The Divorced

This person always seems to be down. When you speak to them you know something is off. They’re trying to fill the lost socializing gap. Find them ordering another drink.

The Know it All

This is the person that never closes their mouth. They seem to know every fact about everything. They try to intrude into every conversation possible. Find them hopping from one social circle to another and getting in heated debates.

The Average Joe

This guy blends in with everyone. You wonder why they’re even at meetups. They seem perfectly normal. Almost too normal..

The Statue

You didn’t even know this person was at the meetup. They’re typically standing near the wall, frozen and looking at the others interact. Side tip: say “Hi” to them, it will make their day !

The Socializer

This is the person you see a large circle around. They’re either very extroverted or know everyone else at the meetup. They treat it as a networking event. Definitely try to befriend them if you can get a word in.


Well, this is our list, let us know if we missed anyone of person. Who is your favorite or not so favorite person to meet at a meetup? Let us know in the comments below

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