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PeepX: Your Real World in Real Time

Social media was supposed to be, well, social. But, obviously, if you read the click-bait headlines, something went wrong. Somewhere between building the platforms for engagement and sucking up every bit of privacy data to help sell ads, social media developers began to build networks that weren’t social at all. In fact, they were more isolating, more vitriolic, and less engaging.

PeepX wants to end that. We want to reinvent social media to deliver on its original promise. Our platform is designed to let you engage with people in the real world and in real time. You can use it at events, concerts, parties, get-togethers and not just let you rehash the same conversations with people you already know, but to interact with people you don’t know, but with whom you may share interests and skills.

By delivering you relevant contacts and content to you — right here and right now — PeepX lets you get the most of each moment.

Enhance, Expand, Enjoy

Current social networks are designed to funnel you — your interests, your values, your hobbies, etc.. You’re caged into echo chambers. You’re tracked and grouped into advertising demographics. You’re isolated into static networks.

But, that’s not how the real world works. People you may not be politically in tune with might be exactly into the same kinds of music or movies as you. People who might share your love of fitness may be just the right people to get you connected to a new job, or business. No algorithm can make those surprise connections, only you can.

PeepX expands and introduces the idea that people aren’t algorithms. We want you to enhance your current relationships. We also want you to meet new people and expand your social connections. And, above all, we want you to enjoy all the things that a rich social life can bring.

PeepX expands the uses of social networking, too. You can use it at meetings and conferences as a powerful networking tool. You can use it at a concert or show to meet people and make new friends.

It will even be more engaging for businesses and artists who want to interact in real time and in real places with their client, customers, and fans. Your content, business, or product will no longer be limited to the socially isolated internet. Have your content/business/product be shown wherever you go.

Try PeepX for free — the beta is live.

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