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Social Networks as High School Stereotypes

Remember the guy who tells the teacher to collect the homework when the bell rings or the guy who appeared in the yearbooks but you’ve never seen them in your life? Yea, every high school has these. Social Networks too have their high school stereotype counterpart. Find out which stereotype is your favorite network.

1. Instagram: The Wannabe Popular Kid

We’re starting off with hot with something that may target everyone. (Sorry)

This is the kid that tries just a little bit too hard. You see them in the latest outfits & shoes just to impress people that don’t really care. They’re usually spotted as the oddball of the group. They’re the kid who was innocent freshmen year that now brags about how “lit” their weekend was.

2. Reddit: The Drifters

The Drifters are something the wannabe popular kids should aspire too. They live a happy life outside of validation. These are the kids that blend into any group and bounce around. They don’t stay with a certain group for too long. They love to get to know everyone and will spend time with different people every day. If there’s an intersection of interests the drifter is there to share their story.

3. Twitter : The Gossip Girl

She knows who you’re dating, who your mom is dating and who your dog is dating. She’s always up to date with what’s going on around the school. Some of the rumors she spreads are true, some are downright lies. One thing you can’t deny is that she’s entertaining, and you’re sort of addicted to her news.

4. Snapchat: The Ghost

This is the person you see at graduation and in the year books and wonder “did they actually attend here?” . For some reason they’re never at school when you’re there. You may have seen them at a football game. They, however, watch what you do from afar. Who knows, you may be someone else’s ghost.

5. Facebook: The teachers pet

We all know this person. All for authority and not for the people ! They do what’s best to make them look better. Whether that be reminding the teacher about the homework, or telling the teacher the whereabouts of a classmate playing hookie. We were all friends with this guy at one point till he started to side with the teachers. He’s a lowkey bully but wouldn’t consider himself one.

6. Youtube: The Class Clown

Ahh. Yup, every classroom is not complete without a class clown. The crazy outbursts, the wild theories, the larger than life personality, while sometimes may be annoying, they keep us entertained and engaged! Life would be bland without them.


Well here’s the list! Is the stereotype for your favorite social network accurate? Who did we miss? Let us know if you’d like to see a part 2 with the likes of myspace, friendster , & club penguin.

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