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Top 5 Insta-Worthy LA Food Spots to Visit this Summer

Since when do you eat out and not snap a picture of your perfectly plated food?  For most of us, it's never.  

Food has recently become more of a photoshoot then, well, a place to actually curb your hunger.PeepX has come up with the Top 5 Places in LA that you can do both at this summer.  

Without further ado… 

(Warning: mouth watering may occur.  PeepX is not responsible for any drooling damages on shirts, tables or pillows)

1. Eggslut Breakfast Sandwich

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Well, it can be your most important instagram pic as well if you play it right. 

Your breakfast fix is awaiting you. Check them out at

2.  Meatzilla

The pizza gods may be frowning upon us, but It may be worth it when you take a very hefty chomp out of their pizza bun hamburger.

This may cause diabetes, this may cause a bathroom run, this may cause obesity.  

It will cause happiness. 

Thank us later.

3. Little Damage

Want something cooler than the usual rainbow-color soft serve?  Finally there's a soft serve ice cream that matches the color of your soul.  

Little damage is serving up, well, the most grammable of treats at their small ice cream parlor in LA.  

The internet has been going absolutely nuts over this delectable gothic treat and we are not mad about it. 

Go check them out on Instagram at @little.damage.  Or, you can just pay them a little visit at 700 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

4. Bia Coffee

What do you get when a florist opens up a coffee shop?  Well, beautiful drinks.

Bia coffee has been in business for three years and running, serving up the coolest looking cups of coffee in Los Angeles.  

They claim their secret “Flower Syrup” is what makes their drinks so great, but the presentation is just as great.

5. Eat Shrimp Daddy

This one is for the fish lovers.  Shrimp Daddy has been cooking up some serious plates of food since 1995.  

As they say, “Each bite is meant to transport you to where we feel most at home- on the beach with salty hair, sandy toes, and fully bellies surrounded by old and new friends.”  Given their jaw dropping instagram, they look to be delivering on that experience. @eatshrimpdaddy

Thats it, folks, our top 5 most instaworthy food spots to visit this summer.  

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